About the Artist and the Art

With over thirty years experience in classical “wet” photographic techniques, my artistic voice is deeply rooted in the in-camera negative and hand-made silver print. I believe the medium influences the artist and how you must do your work is a key driver in your approach to the creative process. The careful and deliberate methods that are an integral part of classical photography are well suited to my artistic style.

Much of my work is about exploring the beauty that surrounds us everyday, yet often goes unnoticed. Consider, if you will, the intricate beauty in a mature flower petal or the simple elegance of a hand tool. Often my subjects are small and easily overlooked. From the Studio and Opus Rose galleries show some of this work.

Consider as well the beauty of the human form. Not the idealized models from the commercial world of advertising, but rather the elegance of ordinary people - people like you. This is the essence of the work in the Figure Studies gallery.

Many years ago I made a fateful sojourn into the vast desert regions east of the High Sierra - and connected with the desert immediately. In those out-of-the-way places there are forgotten ruins and fragments left behind by men seeking fortunes. I am fascinated with the transformation that takes place in the desert (or any place that man abandons) as Nature takes them back. It is a unique beauty few get to enjoy. The result is an ongoing project called The Lonely Places.

All of my work is created on film and then hand printed in my darkroom on gelatin silver papers followed by archival toning. I believe the craftsmanship demanded by the hand-made print makes the difference between simply having an picture and having a unique piece of artwork. Each print is drymounted on mat boards that meet museum standards for quality and permenance. Most of the prints presented here are available for purchase, please contact me if you are interested.

I also enjoy teaching the fundamentals of serious photography to beginners. Too often people new to the art are overwhelmed with information (and technology) that does little to improve thier photography. The fundamentals of good photography are the same, regardless of the medium (fim or digital). If you are interested in a workshop or private lessons, please feel free to contact me.





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