Opus Rose

  • Fading Rose
  • Forget Him
  • Forgotten Rose
  • Glass of Rose
  • Intimate Rose
  • Opening Rose
  • Potential
  • Rose
  • Rose Face
  • Rose Sillouette
  • Rose under Foot
  • Rose Valley
  • Siblings
  • Thorn
  • Under Rose

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Exploring the Rose

Opus Rose departs from the traditional use of color to photograph the rose and instead seeks out this diverse flower through light, shodow, and texture. It is a sureprisng intimate experience to work with roses this way. It is also demanding in a way you might not first expect; because a rose is living thing it changes before your very eyes in the studio. Each moment captured here with a rose is a passing one - within a few minutes the rose will be different.

The work you see here was done both on location and in my studio using film and a medium format camera with special lenses. All of the work is printed by hand in my darkroom on silver paper to museum standards.

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